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Skeleton of a game, January 6, 2011
by Aintelligence (Canada)

I was expecting a game with a lot more charm, genius, and originality, because of the author, but instead I discovered an IF grave. It isn't as if this game doesn't have potential either. The story could definitely be developed upon with the style he is so good at, but the truth is, the story wasn't developed further, and the frame is all that is there.

In the first place, the story was extremely linear. No use of the brain was needed at all to complete the adventure. And being linear isn't a bad thing (indeed such games as Photopia are linear but spectacular), but such a story cannot be so restricted that It doesn't matter what you do. Descriptions were bland and rather tasteless with very little to look at except just what the author wanted you to do, and indeed there were very little objects or actions which could be used.

Characters were one thing the story did a fairly neat job on, especially the protagonist. The knowledge of the protagonist was well structured and developed to give you a slight chill at being this person. Other characters though, were not developed and remained 2 dimensional throughout. The game could have been quite something, but as for now: R.I.P.

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Emily Short, January 7, 2011 - Reply
I'd also say, given the nature of the protagonist, it kind of makes sense that he is unable to view anyone besides himself as a complete or well-rounded human being.
Aintelligence, January 16, 2011 - Reply
True, Maybe I was being a little harsh, I may have to come back to this one in a few months
Mr. Patient, January 6, 2011 - Reply
Purely in game terms, yeah, it's not so great, but I have to laugh at the cynicism required to enter it as part of SmoochieComp.
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