Diddle Doddle | Life on a cider farm

by David Harris


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Not IF and not complete., March 2, 2014
by Wade Clarke (Sydney, Australia)

Whatever IF is, it does not reach to describe this game, which is the kind of simple point'n'poke piece you might expect a very young kid to play on a tablet. The graphics are nice but there's no story branching (and no story, just a situation) and the action mechanics don't work well. The 'Collect some apples' screen in particular is strange, underexplained and poorly designed; you can rain apples all over the countryside and none of them will go in the apple cart. However, moving a stone inbetween the sheep and cart afterwards can result in an instant level clear. The action on the cider pressing screen is frustrating and tedious to execute. There's also no sound.

My observations are that (a) I don't think this game should be listed on this site in the first place, and (b) it's not ready for a public unveiling to children or adults.