Graveyard Shift at the Riverview Motel

by Seb Pines


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A well designed Zgame., April 15, 2022


First of all my apollogizes because I havenít been able to turn music on. Itís a pitty.
Well this is a disturbing game. The premise is not an original one, but all the movies and novellas about Hotels splash in my mind when I start playing.
A lot of people doing odd and freaking things untill the morning. I went alive in my third attempt. The game is short but replayable several times.
The answering machine is a new in this kind of game, giving to the player some good clues to survive. I think this game can be extended aftercomp in various ways to become a big great game.
I have found 4 of the 6 advised endings, perhaps I will play once more time later at night.

I liked and recomed this game.
Well, now this has at least a review 0_o