The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man

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The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man, October 16, 2009
by Portmanteau
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While its mediocre writing does recall the "mad scientist who will show them all"-style of some semi-classic science fiction, it does so clumsily and without any of the complexities that one could imbue in the brilliant-but-mad protagonist. There are a number of technical problems, arbitrary implementations and "guess the verb" style issues. The game has quite a few puzzles, some of which are clever (though unrealistic in a petty way which is somehow still slightly grating even in a world of one-dimensional revenging lab assistants with invisibility potions). Sadly, it's hard not to fall victim to boredom and simply read the walkthrough as the game doesn't offer enough in atmosphere, humor or interesting implementation to make up for its sometimes frustrating technical side and uninspired artistry.