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A poorly implemented game with some interesting features, September 8, 2012
by Bernie (Fredericksburg, VA)

This game certainly feels like the first work of the author, and a first work with little beta-testing. Implementation errors about, from guess-the-verb moments to doors showing up closed even after you've opened them. Most of the game is also guess-the-direction, since the exits aren't mentioned in the room descriptions.

I played this game because it was in someone's recommended list, and I was intensely curious, -- since it had such a low rating -- what made it recommended. While I can't say I'd recommend the game (the implementation errors are just too many) the author does show promise. The appearance of the game's only real NPC, the cat, sparked my imagination. I am, admittedly, a huge cat-lover, so I may have been biased in this regard. However, the cat's actions and dialogue hit just the right note: exactly what I'd expect my own dear cat to sound like, could he speak. The end-puzzle also showed some imagination, and I hope the author will continue her work in the genre.

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Molly, September 8, 2012 - Reply
I replayed this a month or so back, and came to pretty much the same conclusion you did; it's an interesting game, really, it just needs a LOT more work. It should be noted that the original IF Comp release had a bug that made it impossible to see the ending. It's not a very good game to begin with, but that certainly did it no favors.
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