To Hell in a Hamper

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It's strengths over come it's flaws, by far., July 20, 2010
by lagran-G-an (Tel-Aviv, Israel)
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I enjoyed this game a lot, It had good puzzles and great writing. Although it is not without it's flaws. It's strengths easily over come, making To Hell In A Hamper, in my opinion a very enjoyable game.

The first thing that shines for the game is it's great setting. 10,000 feet in the air, flying over the Andes in a hot air-balloon. Trying to gain altitude and save your life. The writing has a light fun tone combined with the feeling of a 19th century explorers novel.
The puzzles were all very nice, and mostly well hinted. Some were very easy, and some a bit harder.

I have a few complaints. There are some places were the item or its interaction could be implemented better, in my opinion. (Spoiler - click to show)The vase's description says that it rattles when I turn it over. most naturally I wanted to turn it over to see what happens (hear the sound), but the game did not implement "turn over". Also, as I could shout into the trumpet, I expected to be able to shout into the dog's ear without the trumpet.

I also read the review, by puzzler, that said that there are ways to make the game unsolvable, and I read the authors reply. I still agree with the puzzler. I still believe it is possible to get stuck in the game, I understand that these are not on purpose, but are bugs. still I had to replay the game 4 times, and at one spot I found myself very stuck for a while because the game gave me the feeling it will save me from unsolvable situations. (Spoiler - click to show) You can throw the mallet before discovering the vase, but I suspect there is an alternative way to solve this puzzle. But I also managed somehow to throw the smudge stick, before throwing out the mummy. I doubt there is an alternative way to solving this puzzle. It got me stuck for a while, for I kept on going back to a saved game that was saved after I had already thrown the stick.

All and all, this is a very good game, and a fun experience. I definitely recommend it.