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Too Many Effects Overwhelm The Text, March 11, 2014

It seems to be a fairly straightforward rendition of a specific scene from Alice in Wonderland, but I only made it ten or so clicks in. Enough to know I dislike the way this was handled intensely.

What I liked about the original scene, the graceful descent in a sort of dreamlike, accepting fog, is completely missing here, obliterated by the flashing, sliding, blinking, and fading of text effects gone haywire. To be honest, I became afraid that my next click would take me to a screamer or something similar and I lost my nerve to continue.

Perhaps if taken at a slower pace, the effects wouldn't be so overwhelming, but it's interactive fiction. It's necessary to take into account that some readers will read more quickly than others (especially when you're adapting a well-known work). I don't usually appreciate speed limits, but in this case, I think they would have improved the experience.

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Matthias Conrady, March 12, 2014 - Reply
Thanks for your review, and taking your time! I like what you said about the "graceful descent". This writing-style of associations by Carroll was what inspired me to try and adapt this in the first place.
The fast pazing was a conscious decision to in a way contradict the all-accepting fogginess of Alices thoughts; hence the pretty dramatic title. So in a way design contradicting content? But you made a good point, and definitely gave me some thoughts and pointed out some things to explore. Cheers!
forgepoet, March 12, 2014 - Reply
I think I'm just not used to quite so much zip to my fiction! Have you considered giving a more action oriented scene the same treatment? Something with the jabberwocky for example?
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