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Sexual Service Act: Going To Work

by Broken Arrow (MasterLoveHurts) profile


Web Site

(based on 10 ratings)
6 member reviews

About the Story

Like every woman in the country, you voted yes on The Sexual Service Act and now live in a world where men can fuck you any way they like at any time they like. Even a simple walk to work can turn into a life-changing adventure in this new world that you and all the other dedicated sluts created.
This is a short interactive fiction in which you make decisions by clicking on links and work towards one of several endings. I hope you enjoy the journey. Remember, you can always play through more than once to experience the different paths and endings.

* 18+ only
* 11,537 Words
* 28 Passages
* 6 Different Endings
* And plenty of kinky fun!

Game Details

Language: English (en)
Current Version: Unknown
Development System: Twine
Forgiveness Rating: Merciful
IFID: 34CEB27D-4232-4D65-AFA1-EE734EF07054
TUID: 60wz46llyaoirk93


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Most Helpful Member Reviews

12 of 14 people found the following review helpful:
Was this supposed to be serious?, January 24, 2021
by End Master (The Outer Reaches Of Your Mind)
This is a classic case of controversy bringing more attention to a story than it otherwise would have received. Only heard about this one thanks to all the fuss made about it, and a couple of upstanding CYStians reviewing it. Figured I might as well throw my opinion of it into the mix.

So itís porn. Well, thatís nothing new in the IF world. It also doesnít have much of a plot, which also isnít anything new in the IF world (Unfortunately).

As for the content, well whether this did anything for you in the lower regions area I guess thatís between you and whatever higher powers you believe in (or don't believe in). If you were offended well you probably shouldnít have been reading it in the first place based on the title alone and if the title didnít deter you, the graphic intro most certainly would.

The whole premise of the story is pretty absurd since it pretty much hit the ground running right from the start. No build up, no foreplay, just right to the sex. Well I guess if youíve got a vision, no reason to mess about right?

That being said, this type of story really isnít my thing. I laughed a few times at how dumb the concept is and the intro, but thatís about it. I donít care about any of the characters or the ďplotĒ. Hell, the sex act law that this game seems to be built around isnít even really addressed much which is arguably one of the more interesting concepts of the piece. This is basically a severely condensed ďHandmaidís TaleĒ CYOA but with willing participants, minus the religion and ramping up the focus on the sex.

Itís a little hard to tell if this game was written in a way to be serious or if it was written to be over the top. If it was supposed to be serious, then it failed because the game is so over the top with its scenarios that it really crosses the line from offensive to humorous. Well not like those two things are mutually exclusive I suppose. Which is the only reason why itís getting two stars rather than one since it at least wasnít boring for me to slog through.

Does it accomplish what it set out to do as far as the sex content? Well yeah I imagine it did for people into this sort of stuff. It gets right to whatever humiliation fetish (and other types) the reader might be into in an efficient manner. Itís not long so I imagine that also helps with peopleÖum ďusingĒ the game. Nothing is bogged down by virtually anything that might normally be considered important in the writing world.

I imagine this review is going to get rated down by its fans, but before they do, keep in mind Iím not attacking anyone. The fans and the author can enjoy their weird water sports and pseudo-bestality fetishes all they like. Not judging the content, but rather the lack of ambition.

8 of 10 people found the following review helpful:
unfiltered SEX, January 24, 2021
So since they've been advertising this game on the Intfiction board, I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

Not much, it turns out.

Annoying, the 'Play' button takes you to a broken page that doesn't let you scroll, you have to go directly to the website link, and figuring that out was entirely too much trouble for what I got. Which turns out to be some very minimal branching and no plot other than what's necessary to deliver a few mediocre porn stories. (The helpful stats on pages, endings, and words in the description already let you know there isn't going to be much branching, and really more games should do that.)

Not that the game is aspiring to be much else than one handed reading material, so raising my initial rating to two stars I guess for being competently written and exactly what it claims to be, I'm sure it really hits the spot for someone out there. But at the same time the internet is full of this stuff so I have a hard time believing it's exactly a life changing experience even for people into the particular fetishes on display. It appears to be pretty much a subby/humiliation fetish starter pack for women. If you are particularly grossed out by urine then uh, don't look at this even if you're curious.

Honestly I'm not sure if straight up unapologetic porn really belongs here, but there's a strong feeling that no one should ever be uNiNcLuSiVe in the community that will prevent anyone from just saying 'no thanks' even to stuff that is obviously not what most people here want to see. Let's just hope that listing this style of game doesn't catch on, because the thing with fetishes is that I've observed that when there's an obsessive enough community behind them and they find a place to nest, it can quickly become a grey goo situation...or, some color of goo anyway. On CYS we go through these waves of having to purge new games of the 'high school girl REALLY has to pee and is sooo embarassed!' variety, which is actually an entire fetish with some Japanese name. There's always more slipping in through the cracks, even after identifying Pee Game Zero with its thousands of views and obliterating it some time ago.

But since this game has become the focus of a controversy on Intfiction (and an amusing cat fight that has been preserved on the CYS forum even after its removal) it may actually be considered significant now as it has led to the consensus that the IFDB needs a way to filter by tags. I'm pretty excited about this and hope it allows me to easily search for all the 50 word non-games for easy points!

Well anyway, I hope nobody will feel too sick and violated when this game shows up on the main page again thanks to this review.

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Something, January 22, 2021
by Ogre (A Cave)
Well, that was something. What, I'm not quite sure. It felt like there was an idea for a story, but it never happened. There was a universe and world setup that never really got used. There were people, but they were only there for sex. So I guess if you want to read some sex story, this might be for you. But if you want to read a story with characters and a beginning, middle, and end; this might not be the one for you.

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