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Who is truly possessed?, November 21, 2023
by manonamora
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This is a tales in two parts, two POV, where things are not quite what they seem. You are given the choice of two paths: to follow the story of the boy or the girl (you play the other as well), with the actions from the first part of the story affecting the second, and both the ending.

I managed to get a fairly good ending, by playing it smartly - choosing any option to get the hell out of here, I'm not following dumb horror actions xD. The writings about what is going on are on the wall, the game not always been very subtle about it.
I did like the mirroring of the actions between both paths. It does not fit quite completely, both PC being somewhat unreliable narrators, but it makes for an eerie experience.

I also chose to play the "boy" path before the "girl" one, which ends up working in favour of the game - the former pushing more of a damsel in distress trope, while the latter has a badass taking charge girl. The writing is much superior in the "girl" path than in the "boy" one.

There is an interesting core with this game, and I hope the author will update/polish it in the future!

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