Superluminal Vagrant Twin

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Science Fiction

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Mysterious exploration that encourages outside-the-box thinking, July 11, 2024

Easily one of the most engaging beginnings to an IF piece. It gets you right onto the journey of planetary exploration/hopping from the get-go and dispenses with some of the typical parser commands, to keep things moving and feeling streamlined. I.e., 'Look' is still a very important action, but it is done away with for quite a few elements within the game. The descriptions are brief but poetic and often haunting - the planets (or remnants of them) are captivating to visit and some are quite tricky to find, but you have plenty of clues and help, and there's more than one way to get somewhere. There's a sense of danger and humor throughout. I wound up completing all possible quests (which you probably don't have to, but it was doable and led to a more satisfying finish for me.) Some of these quests involved bounty hunting and I questioned the morality of a few of them, whereas others were more clear-cut in being 'bad guys'. I got stuck on one puzzle and then felt a little silly when I realized I was overlooking a very....obvious....familiar....set of clues I could follow. I'll avoid spoilers.

Overall, I definitely recommend!

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