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The wood wide web, October 31, 2020
by jakomo
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A Twine about a magic mushroom picker lost in the woods after eating one of his finds. Quite verbose, with a big web of links, so reading it feels like the player is stumbling though the dense undergrowth, just as the character is. A cool mirroring of narrative theme and choice-space design. The physical actions the character performs to try to find his way out probably make up only 10% of the clicks, the other 90% being inner thoughts: about his job, his company, the woods and its mysteries, the mushrooms and their effects. Lots of intriguing notions are set up (the God of the Woods for example), but my playthrough ended abruptly before seeing any of it pay off properly. I assume you can use the various mushrooms you find to affect the outcome, but I didn't figure out how.

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