Minigolf et trahisons

by Xapuyo


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Solved by ... intuition ..., February 10, 2023
by Rovarsson (Belgium)

This has got to be one of the zaniest IF-games Iíve seen yet. And Iíve played Sir Ramic Hobbs and the High Level Gorilla!

A weird robotic-looking character solves mysteries by the cunning use of his superior Ö intuition !
Too bad this time he actually has to prove his hunch.

This is where you come in. During a few encounters with some off-the-hooks NPCs, including the main suspect (you know, the one your Ö intuition Ö snagged right away), you have a variety of chances for conversational choices. Really absurd ones, in some cases.

The end consists of a scene where you confront the culprit with the proof you gathered. Depending on which topics you raised in the conversations, you may have enough of the right evidence to close the case.

There is not much deducing or sleuthing possible in one playthrough. Itís mostly a shoot-and-hope affair. The only opportunity for real deduction I saw happens out-of-game, where the player can keep track of which combination of clicks leads to which result.

The drawings add to the silly atmosphere, and the music keeps your brain hyped. (A bit too much. I turned it off after a few minutes.)

The focus of the game is clearly the nonsensical humour rather than any serious investigation. And it succeeds. Itís short enough to avoid a complete silliness overdose, and there are a few moments of jaw-dropping absurdity swooping down out of nowhere.


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