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A short scientific fiction puzzle game in Twine, April 2, 2021
by MathBrush
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This is a charming little game, partly poetic and partly puzzle.

You are an alien on your home planet and a creature has crash landed. There are 4-5 different locations you can go, each of which allows you to sleep and look around.

Time passes, and it's important to the game. Some events only occur on certain days. There is a nice graphical change when this happens.

The puzzle involves doing the right thing at the right place, and requires a fair amount of travel.

Unfortunately, this game makes the crucial mistake of combining slow text with gameplay requiring repetition. This means that if you need to check a location really quick, you have to wait several seconds to travel there, several seconds to click on a link, and several seconds to click back. If I were the author, I'd update the game to remove the pauses, as I've never seen a review praise slow text in games and many against.

But as it is, this was fun. The puzzle is simple but satisfying, and I enjoyed the ending.

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