by Soham Sevak

Science Fiction

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Unfinished but interesting, November 22, 2018

Awake is a little hard to review because it is (as the author says up front) part one of an unfinished story. I enjoyed the bit of story that I did read, though.

Part of the gameplay is the slow reveal of what's going on, so in terms of the plot I'll just say a little: It involves a high-tech research project. There might be something sinister going on, and there may be more to the PC's involvement with this than is obvious at first.

It's an interesting setup. My one critique is that it seems like my choices didn't affect the story much. As far as I could tell, all the choices loop back eventually to the main part of the narrative without changing it. However, it is probably difficult (perhaps impossible) to write a completely distinct part two that tries to pick up multiple storylines. In that sense I can understand the choice to have all the different decisions basically end up in the same place for part one.

I do hope the author finishes the story; it sounds promising so far.