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Yup, it's a maze, January 26, 2020

It's a Twine maze. Spooky stuff happens. There are some death endings and one good ending. But, as is typical for mazes, you just have to be persistent and try all of the paths to find the exit. There's no particular reason "left" or "right" is the correct answer in any given situation.

I'm not sure I understood the theme. "You chose this" doesn't feel accurate when I chose "Go right" and I died as a result.

For some reason, the default Twine back button is hidden by default, but if you refresh the page, it will appear.

Here's a walkthrough.

(Spoiler - click to show)
Go forwards
Go left
Take the apple and eat it
Explore the rest of the room
Exit left
Walk forwards
Leave the path and enter the forest
Go left