Mortlake Manor

by Ben Chenoweth profile

Exploration and Mystery

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Great Walking Sim, Light on Gameplay, September 16, 2021

Half the fun of diving into an IF game is drawing the map that goes along with it. I agree with previous reviewers: this is meant for the beginning IF player. Even so, I do have a few hints to make the game a little easier. Namely, use the verb "use" when you're unsure how to do something. There are few synonyms in this game, and more complicated verbs such as "flip" or "spread" will not work. When in doubt, use "use"! I really appreciated how much the mapping made sense in this game. I was able to draw it all out easily, and connections between rooms made a lot of sense. Take a cue, new authors! While playing "find the verb" was frustrating before using "use", I will say that this was an enjoyable game.