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I've long had an interest in Interactive Fiction from way back when they were known as Adventure Games. I played my first adventure on the family TRS-80 Color Computer: it was called "Madness and the Minotaur", and it took what seemed like ages to load from a cassette tape before I could execute it and be immersed in a strange world of troglodytes and darkness and unexpected death. I made maps, tried to get down to the lower levels of the game but never did succeed in winning the game. I don't even think I was even able to learn a spell!

Later, after studying programming at University as part of a Bachelor of Science, I decided to try and write my own adventure game. So the first version of Mortlake Manor was born, way back in 1994. It was programmed in Pascal and would run in a DOS window. Later, I made a proper Windows version. But I never tried to distribute it. It just sat there on my computer and I was the only one who ever played it.

More recently, as part of developing PRS+ for the Sony Reader, I started looking into adding an Interactive Fiction app, After I was successful in building a front-end to both Frotz and Nitfol I thought it might be nice to provide PRS+ users with a game that they could play straight away, without needing to load any extra files onto their readers. So I decided to port Mortlake Manor to Z-code using Inform 7. The end result is now available...

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Interactive Fiction by Ben Chenoweth

Mortlake Manor, by Ben Chenoweth (2012)
(6 ratings)
Rumour has it that a valuable treasure has been hidden somewhere in Mortlake Manor. It is your task to find the treasure. However, you must be careful; rumour also says the place is haunted......

Castle Adventure!, by Ben Chenoweth (2012)
(16 ratings)
Welcome to Castle Adventure! Written and directed by Ben Chenoweth (Copyright 2002 Grinnan Berrit Software). Adapted to Inform 7 by Ben Chenoweth, 2012. You have to rescue a princess of legendary...

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