Harlowe vs Sharpe

by Sage Michael

Episode 1 of Harlowe vs
Detective, Noir

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Extended in-joke with good intentions, May 18, 2015
by Andrew Watt (Los Angeles, California)

If you don't frequent the Twine forums, there's not much for you here. The story is just a collection of noir tropes, although the writing is occasionally witty. The game references some of Twine's most beloved advice-givers, including Sharpe, GreyElf, and MadExile (for whom a cocktail is named). Twine creator Chris Klimas also appears as, um, a stripper. And there's a cruel joke about SugarCane at which I confess to having laughed out loud.

I'd rather not rate this, but I do tip my hat to the author for honoring some of Twine's unsung heroes (Sharpe was one of the first people to play and comment on my first game!). These people have volunteered hours and hours of their time providing support for Twine users and are rarely credited for it.

Was there a Leon Arnott reference? I didn't see one. Consider adding a mysterious villain named Mister L., or, for a more action-packed experience, ending the story with a glorious train wreck.

<<insert "In conclusion:">> Those were Twine jokes.<<gains>> So is this.<<endinsert>>

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Sage, May 18, 2015 - Reply
I took your SPECTACULAR advice! and I only had to change one sentence. Just so you don't have to replay it... it says "Her life's a glorious trainwreck."

Still at a thousand words! And that's including the code and a few different endings.

Thank you again for the advice. The only reason I left it off originally was that Harlowe itself was in there... but still... Your idea was better than mine.... so I went with it.


(and thanks for playing the game at all and rating it.)

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