All Roads

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Historical, Time Travel

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Pissed off, December 26, 2009
by Andreas Teufel (Poland)

Confused nonsense about a shadowdancer/assassin in some parallel universe Italy (best setting EVAR!!!11), a story that repeats over and over in some utterly senseless way, a protagonist who is uninteresting in the worst way since he has no personality at all and WE KNOW NOT A FUCKING THING ABOUT HIM.

yeah, it's game of the year (!) material all right!

I am beyond words.

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Andreas Teufel, December 28, 2009 - Reply
nope, mo' like venting my anger

done that, moving on, utterly worthless community so I won't bother anymore
Jim Kaplan, March 31, 2012 - Reply
This is likely wasted on you, being a comment conversation that occurred over two years ago, but:

If you consider a review with no meaningful content beyond an angry tone, anyone who calls you on this to be an arrogant douchebag, a usefulness rating to be a meaningful evaluation of your personal worth, and a community that calls you on substance-free reviews...

Andreas Teufel, December 27, 2009 - Reply
1. don't think I couldn't write better reviews if I wanted to, but I have already wasted time on total desasters, I won't waste more time on painstakingly replaying them and stating the flaws in a more objective manner, what'd be the point?

bashing favourably-rated games (WHY?!) would never result in a high usefulness rating

yeah, I gave those authors a piece of my mind all right (gotta release my own games under a different name, lol)

2. "daring"? hahaha... good one

empty is the correct term (which is the origin of this whole affair)

"just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's bad."

but because I don't like it, I state exactly that in my review, I never CLAIMED to be objective, and I never claimed to have written a good review

this site is not about review-writing contests (but then again maybe it is?!), when I vote yes or no the main criterium is the star rating given, and when I write a review my intent is to state whether I liked the game or not (which is the summary of all the factors like novelty, writing style, setting etc.), and that's all I intend to do - I honestly cannot see what would be wrong with that approach
Andreas Teufel, December 27, 2009 - Reply
yes they are reviews, what makes you think you're the god of reviewing!

when I play a game of the year I don't expect some meaningless incomprehensible utterly uninteresting mess, this happened TWICE now

how would giving the reasons I hate a game NOT be reviewing it... especially when nobody is actually willing to defend them (what a surprise!)

it's not like my positive as-constructive-as-possible reviews weren't voted down just the same

2 fucks in 6 reviews aren't "profanity-filled", get a grip
AmberShards, December 26, 2009 - Reply
I appreciate your honesty but you sure could lose the profanity.
Andreas Teufel, December 27, 2009 - Reply
oversensitive, aren't we?

rather tell me what's good about this disasterpiece, since it seems I'm the only one not getting the joke
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