All Roads

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Historical/Time Travel

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Good for intro to IF, January 16, 2016
by 24Fanatic (Charlotte, NC)

I'm new to IF, as I just (re)discovered it this week. I remember my cousins playing the ZORK titles when they first came out when I was a kid. All Roads has wonderful writing and storytelling, and for that I applaud Jon Ingold. The only thing I found slightly disappointing was the lack of organic movement or being allowed to actually decide what happens next. After playing all the way through the story, I thought, "That was pretty cool, and fun! Now I wonder what'll happen when I do this...?"

So I started over, and made a completely different decision in one of the rooms by NOT picking up an item before I left. After I exited the room, I checked my inventory, and to my surprise, I was carrying the very item I had intentionally left behind! Oh well, at least it was entertaining the first time through...