Couch of Doom

by Megan Moser and Margaret Moser


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Short 'n sweet, April 20, 2010

Couch of Doom is short, sweet, and simple. The aim of the game is to get yourself off the couch Ė seriously, itís that simple. Except itís really not. Turns out taking the first step away from a life of laziness is harder than it looks.

There are two main puzzles which are relatively easy and donít require too much ingenuity to solve. Take things at face value in this game. If you want to get something done, donít think of a series of actions to accomplish it Ė chances are one verb will do the trick. Thatís one of the downsides of Couch of Doom. The puzzles are so straight-forward and easy, that they take away from the overall feel of the game.

The writing is light-hearted and the excuses the PC gives for not standing up are amusing (and at times sad) to read. This game will take you no longer than ten minutes to complete and youíll get a warm, fuzzy feeling when you do. In short, Couch of Doom is by no means a great work of IF. It is, however, a great introduction for those new to the genre.