by Bryce J. Rhaiz


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Barely there., July 31, 2011
by John Daily (New York)

"Make 'em wanna visit! And get some decent soundbites this time!" Mr. Graham, your boss and editor of the Southern Indiana Digital Dirt never had a nuanced eye for the finer points of journalism. "Well? Get Going!" He pushes a digital voice recorder across the desk and rushes you out of his office."

So begins Somewhen. I'm a sucker for any work of writing that starts with a quote: it grabs me right away. Add an interesting premise, a mysterious title, and some good, solid writing, and I'm yours for as long as you want me.

The description of the area outside of the majestic resort from which Mr. Graham ejects the player made me practically drool with anticipation: promises of "tree-lined drives," "magnificent gates," an airport and a golf course? It sounded too good to be true - and it was. Nothing is implemented, and all the player can do is walk a couple of screens around the hotel, staring at the bustle of busy bellboys, valets, limousines and their "rich and well-dressed occupants" and wish there were a way to interact with them.

This one was clearly not finished, and it's a shame, 'cause it was a helluva start.