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by Robert Szacki


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A short ADL game about picking up and dropping items to get points, May 14, 2022
by MathBrush
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This feels kind of like a game for the author to experiment with and/or learn ADL.

It's a .exe file that leads to a simple game with < 10 rooms. Most rooms have 1 item. There are several characters you interact with using TALK CHARACTER. Instead of GIVING items, you PUT items in different places. The game ends right when you get the final point, closing down instantly without waiting to display the end text.

The writing is minimal, there isn't a strong connecting narrative. The puzzles are logical, though. If this was a trial run for the author to check out the language, it succeeded. I'm very glad there was a tutorial, as most games written in .exe parser are hard to navigate, so that's a definite plus here!

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Robert_Szacki, May 15, 2022 - Reply
Thank you for playing my adventure and the reviews. Yes, this is a short game (with novice players in mind) which I plan to significantly extend after the competition. I'm familiar with ADL for some time.

The game console should not close immediately after scoring full points, when run from the provided Windows shortcut (or directly running ADLRun in the shell).

Thank you,
Robert Szacki
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