The Locked Room

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Simple escape room (am I missing something?), March 1, 2024

Like the title says, this game appears to be a simple escape room.

Also as the title suggests, I feel as if I'm missing something very important.

Apparently there is some riddle involved, but I didn't see through to that. The game is heavily riddled (no pun intended) with severe implementation issues (objects still described in a location once they've moved, a door you can't open even once unlocked ["That's not something you can open." It's a door.] and the only exit to the south, "you can't go that way.")

Unfortunately, there seemed to be nothing to do. I wondered if it had some relation to the "see what you saw and saw the table to get a hole" riddle, but not as far as I know.

Like I said, this could be an awesome game, but I didn't get too see it due to lack of ideas on what to do, and annoying implementation that put me off very strongly.

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Pinkunz, February 1, 2024 - Reply
Thnķs fr gvnģ th gm an hnest chan. Appreciat it.
Max Fog, February 2, 2024 - Reply
That's cool. I would definitely try it again if it turns out there was more in store...
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