zork, buried chaos

by Brad Renshaw


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It's chaos and thank goodness it's buried, December 3, 2010
by Aintelligence (Canada)

I played this on recommendation from a friend who just started playing. Right from the beginning, this so-called adventure was a massive flop. None of the puzzles made any practical sense, for example (Spoiler - click to show) why the heck did you have to turn the dial to 4 of all numbers to open the door? and you were just strolling around some cave with a whole bunch of useless codes and keys. Sure...the creators of this cave knew some day somebody would get trapped, so they decided to booby trap it. This is another suffering of the story, the fact that the setting and the story make absolutely no sense whatsoever. If there are any beginners out there who are thinking about this game, don't play it!

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