Max Blaster and Doris de Lightning Against the Parrot Creatures of Venus

by Dan Shiovitz profile and Emily Short profile

Superhero, Espionage, Humor, Science Fiction

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A long two-character James Bond/Superhero game, February 3, 2016

This is a complex and interesting game. It contains a number of movie-like cut scenes and text effects. You play Max Blaster (with a gun and fancy force generator) or Doris de Lightning (an acrobatic hacker with special tools) as you stop the parrot creatures from attacking the earth.

You can switch between the characters whenever they are together, which is good if one path is harder than the other (twice, there was a seeming bug which rendered the game unfinishable, but I went back to my last save when they were together and switched to the other person). (Spoiler - click to show)One bug was that a key step in the sandwich machine did not work. The other bug is that I could not getup of the mud as Doris. In both cases, I was following the walkthrough when the problems happened.

The writing is fun, and the game was nominated for an XYZZY award for it. Overall, I can strongly recommend it.

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<blank>, January 25, 2016 - Reply
Could you please give us more information about the bug? You can put it in spoiler tags. When I get around to playing the game, I'd like to be forewarned if there's a possibility of a bug making the game unfinishable.
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