How To Make Eggplant Lasagna (With Cats!)

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Feline fiends and decadent lasagna, January 26, 2024
by manonamora
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What a joy it is to cook with cats around! Playful little creatures meowing for little bites, slaloming between your legs for attention, and always there for tasting. The perfect - and most dangerous - distractors.

With Boris, the old and fat cat, knowledgeable in cheeses, and Natasha, the more nimble and mischievous one, always looking for the warmest places, you attempt to make an eggplant lasagna - a pretty decadent one if you manage to read the full recipe. You have all ingredients and utensils at hands, or so you think, and only need to keep yourself focused going through each step of the recipe while those two little devils try their best to distract you. Will you manage?

Well, I forgot about my lasagna and Boris and Natasha had a feast. :sob:

Anyway, it's really fun! The light-heartedness of the story and trying to fend off the feline fiends is quite challenging - but it makes the endings all the sweeter!
I should have expected the (Spoiler - click to show)Ratatouille ending, but I still snorted to hard when I got to the end. Well played!

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