There Those Dare Doze

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Episode 5 of Prime Pro-Rhyme Row

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Fight fating, write rating, November 21, 2022
by Draconis
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This is a wordplay-based puzzle game, in the tradition of Nord and Bert and Ad Verbumóthe sort of thing that really depends on the parser format to work. The world of the game is truly made of words and sentences, not just described by them. I know Andrew Schultz was writing these when I first went on hiatus from the forum, and Iím glad to see he hasnít stopped.

This one is based on alliterative pairs of words, which have to rhyme with the thing you want to affect. For example (made up, not from this game), you could defend yourself from horrible monsters in a SHIP SHACK by hitting them with the command WHIP WHACK. (Others may be more familiar with this series than I am, because it does seem to be a series, but Iíve never seen it before this ECTOCOMP, so itís all new to me!)

The puzzles here are fun, and there were some very nice ďaha!Ē moments: getting the ammunition felt great. The big issue with this game is one that might not be avoidable in a Petite Mortóthe unrecognized commands.

There are just so many possible alliterative rhymes. And with only four hours to implement, the majority of them arenít recognized. This means the pacing frequently gets ruined by a long span of perfectly good commands that the game doesnít understand. Thereís no in-game reason why SHARE SHOWS and TEAR TOES arenít valid rhymes for RARE ROWS, except that there wasnít time to implement them all. (Iím especially disappointed about FAVE FOUND and SPAM SPEAK. Those felt like they should even fit the puzzles!)

Like I said, Iím not sure this is something that can really be fixed in a Petite Mort. The number of puzzles is very good. I just wish I didnít keep losing my momentum.