Visit Skuga Lake - Masterpiece Edition

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Part of Tales from Castle Balderstone

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A Joy to Play, September 30, 2023

I had a lot of fun playing this game! The magic system is well implemented (although I do recommend keeping track of which amulet does what with each gem - Ryan Veeder has a chart on his hints page, and there's a guide in the walkthrough as well) and it was really just a joy to explore the game and push the limits of the player's capabilities. The puzzles were clever and rewarded experimentation, which I prefer to clever and needing a very specific solution in order to solve. Cute spooky story, probably took me around two hours to complete, although I didn't quiteee get to do everything that was possible - accidentally started the last chapter before I was done exploring, not realizing that I wouldn't get to come back, which is probably on me.

The writing is phenomenal, I ran into no bugs or typos other than one instance of "place" being misspelled as "plae." great for a fall afternoon <3

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