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Mid-length cyberpunkish Twine game about a robopsychologist. Many endings., February 3, 2016

Entropy Cage is one of those games where I thought the app I had downloaded onto my old nook had glitched, because within seconds of starting, some numerical address said it needed to be reseeded. I thought the android app's random number generator was glitching.

Welcome to Entropy Cage. The game involves you, a robopsychologist who must diagnose issues with AI's that are supposed to be running the world.

The game gets more interesting the further you progress, and some reviewers have noted the game's ability to avoid common cliches. However, it gets monotonous at points, as you diagnose dozens of robot clients in rapid succession (each with a single click).

This game was well-received in the 2014 IFComp, coming in 14th out of 40 something in a competition that traditionally favors parser games (which require text input). I'd look forward to another game by this author.

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