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Saturn's Child

by Jerry Ford profile

Science Fiction

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What game?, November 16, 2014
by Sheogorath (New Sheoth, The Shivering Isles)
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I would like to be able to say that I played Saturn's Child and loved it, but since the first part of that statement is untrue, then the second must be, too. The author's site being dead was also completely unhelpful in locating a working copy of the game.
EDIT: Followed the revised link provided by the author, only to find it as unhelpful as the first, possibly due to the compression of the .t3 file (I've never got a zipped TADS3 game to open yet). The Electra Ink website also remains parked, meaning that I can't visit its homepage, and I can't help wondering if this is indicative of the amount of effort Jerry Ford put into his 'game'.

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Jerry Ford, June 4, 2016 - Reply
Umm, sorry for the long lag-time for a response to your comment, I got caught up in another non-text-adventurey project.

But both of your issues should be resolved.

The game can be played from the IFDB's Play On-Line button (upper right corner of the IFdb page) and www.electraink.com is now active.
Jerry Ford, November 20, 2014 - Reply
You need to download the ZIP, unpack it (extract the files) to a folder of your choice, then open the .t3 file in a TADS-compatible interpreter.

That's pretty standard ZIP file behavior.

As for the electraink web server, you are right, there has not been a lot effort put into making it a full service web site. Nor have I advertised it as such.

You appear to have assumed more than was presented, based on what I do not know. At the present time, it's just a repository of files.
Jerry Ford, November 14, 2014 - Reply
Sorry, url has been fixed. Try again.
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