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Interactive Fiction by Jerry Ford

Dark Angel, by Jerry Ford (2013)
(1 rating)

The 2016 release---version 2.0---fixes numerous bugs and useability issues and enhances dialog and player interaction with non-player characters. **** Dark Angel is a noir-ish, pulp fiction...

The Devil in the Details, by Jerry Ford (2017)
(1 rating)

You have just arrived in San Francisco, no job, no family, no friends, just a letter of introduction addressed to Lucy, who offers you a lifetime of everlasting fame, fortune, happiness, or power,...

Saturn's Child, by Jerry Ford (2014)
(1 rating)

You are a candidate for a deep-space mission to the moons of Saturn to search for extraterrestrial life. What will you find? (Note---game contains mild sexuality and, briefly during the...

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