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Short but interesting. , June 10, 2010
by tggdan3 (Michigan)

This game is particularly short. You are a parrot watching a conversation between the prince (from cinderella), and the stepmother/stepsisters. The fairy tale is assumed well known to the reader.

Like some of Short's other games, there are no puzzles per se, and the game is mostly about saying things and getting reactions from NPCs. This is done in a cute way here, considering you're a parrot and can't do much else.

However, the game includes at least two endings that I've found, which shows that even a parrot can find ways to affect the world around him.

The writing is cute, and the game is short. I'd say definately worth a play. As far as re-plays, you'll want to replay at least once to get the ending you didn't get last time.

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streever, November 4, 2013 - Reply
I think that your review implies too heavily two endings--a good one and a bad one style--when really there are many, many possible endings.

This game is complicated and deeper than it appears. In 6 play-throughs I didn't repeat an ending, each one was at least somewhat different.

I highly recommend this... kind of puzzleless game. There is a central puzzle, actually, which is what can you really influence and how does it work? Have fun figuring it out.
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