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.....What?, January 9, 2015
by Chai Hai (Kansas City KS)

This....isn't a game. It's a ginormous conflobble of a mess.

There is absolutely no plot whatsoever, just a whole lot of random phrases and snippets of could-be games. It was humorous when you read the first page. Then it just kept going and going.....

Yeah, no. Fail.

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Chai Hai, January 9, 2015 - Reply
Guess I haven't played enough metafiction titles to know what constitutes a proper plot for a metafiction game.

I was plopped in the game, no direction of what to do whatsoever. Just a bunch of gibberish. No explanation of anything. If this is what metafiction titles are like, I will be sure to bypass them completely. Not beginner friendly at all.
Chai Hai, January 9, 2015 - Reply
So....? I read the other review.I know it's supposed to be about games from 2014. So what. Thinking that everyone has played all the games from 2014 going in is a huge what-if. Also it doesn't give any instructions on what you're supposed to do. Just assaults you with text snippets that are completely unrelated and sometimes not in english.

No direction whatsoever.
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