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Should be advertised as a game for beginners, December 29, 2011
by Joe Pereira (Portugal)

As a first-time game, I congratulate the author on actually producing a playable work of IF. However, should we still be seeing this kind of game in 2009? The author has directly ported a standard graphical escape the room template to textual IF. While playable, I wonder if anybody actually enjoys story-less, basic use object on object-type puzzle games anymore. I might recommend the game as an introduction to basic object manipulation in IF, but other than that, there is nothing there. This may only appeal to lovers of graphical escape the room games - of which I am not. The fact there is no story, no characterization whatsoever, makes me wonder if it can be called IF at all. As I have yet to play an absolutely horrible first time IF game (of which I hear there are many), I give it 2 stars.