Dracula's Underground Crypt

by Alex Whitington


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Funny story wrapped up in a bad game, December 24, 2008
by Molly (USA)

The game has a warning at the beginning saying (roughly) that the game is undertested and any bugs should be ignored. "Well," I thought to myself as I played it, "that's not a good sign." But I ignored the warning and played on anyway, and sadly found that the warning was absolutely right.

What kind of bugs are in this game, you might ask? Well, trying to avoid spoilers, an npc can be described as dropping something that he already dropped and is lying on the floor, syntax bugs that make at least one puzzle almost unsolvable, guess the verb problems that severely hamper another, etc., etc., etc. What makes these problems even worse is that the game was very funny. Sure, its sense of humor may not appeal to everyone, but it certainly worked for me, outside of couple of misses.

Overall, I can't say my time playing this game was wasted, but I also can't recommend it in good faith. All I can say is wait for a version where the author fixes all the bugs.

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