Elftor and the Quest of the Screaming King

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Being funny is an art, April 15, 2023
by Denk
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Ok, so this was hilarious. Sometimes I am impressed with some people's ability to be funny. This was also the case here. Sure, not all jokes were funny but even those that weren't, still fitted well into the story.

This is a choice based game which keeps track of your endings. There appear to be 10 endings. I think I encountered a single bug as it seemed that I reached a natural ending but I wasn't told and couldn't restart. No big deal though I had to refresh my browser which meant the "ending tracker" was reset.

The best ending was also particularly well hidden. Not extremely well but enough so I first found it after several tries. The game is quite short so it is no big deal to start over and try something else.

I give this game 5 stars as it is mostly hilarious and I kept on playing as I wanted to see the end.