Funicular Simulator 2021

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Up, up and away, October 17, 2021

This magical mystery game involves taking a ride up a mountain with an odd assortment of possible companions who each hold the key to a different possible explanation for the celestial phenomena at the peak.

The writing is compelling, and the companions are each evocative in their own way with a distinctive background, personality, and theory on the aurora and crystals. Itís fun to mix and match, going ďall inĒ with a companion and then replaying with a different one, like a super-short dating sim. I also like that past trips up the funicular impact some dialogue options on subsequent loops.

Although the game seems to offer many different paths (three loops per play-through, each time picking one of four companions), I didnít notice any variation in the companionsí behavior based on which other companions I had previously picked. Also, while each companionís scene offers a long sequence of choices, they mainly seem to boil down to (a) engage more, or (b) distance yourself; this made the conversations a bit less compelling, since I couldnít figure out what benefit or interesting outcome came from not engaging.