El extraño caso de Randolph Dwight

by El Clérigo Urbatain profile

Literary, Lovecraftian, Mystery, Surreal

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Impressive interactive gothic story reminiscent of Borges, February 12, 2023

And impressive implementation in this short Lovecraftian-Borgian story about the owner of a mansion waking up in the middle of the night due to the strange noises in the ground floor.

The game feels like you are reading a tale, and even if you can type your commands as any other adventure, all its tied so seamlessly that the sensation is totally different from an ordinary parser work, it really feels like reading a story with the interactive depth only a text adventure can provide. This means that the focus is eminently narrative, moving away from the spatial point of view characteristic of adventure games.

The story is very effective, and even if the plot twist can be guessed in advance, it keeps the thrill to the very end thanks to the great atmosphere. Or maybe it adds to the sense of doom it conveys.

It is a clever and atmospheric gothic story reminiscent of Jorge Luis Borges´ themes.

I think is one of the most masterfully implemented text games in Spanish. However, there are some sentences that could be grammatically improved. As for the style, maybe there are some redundancies too, but that doesn´t tarnish the general feel of the game.

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