Dracula's Chateau

by Paul Braun

Episode 245 of Eamon

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- Edo, March 24, 2021


this is a very old Eamon that dates from the early days, but it has many excellent additions and specials. It is very large with 99 rooms, but the mapping is very straightforward except for two locked door puzzles. Because of the large size of the map and low con-tent in spots, it would be an ordinary and even some-what tedious "killíníloot" scenario except that there are enough specials and cool effects to keep you interested and having fun.

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- Denk, December 2, 2019

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Basic but fun 'loot'n'kill' Eamon., December 8, 2010
by Wade Clarke (Sydney, Australia)
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Dracula's Chateau comes late in Eamon numbering, but apparently was written a lot earlier than that would indicate. In spite of having a few too many empty rooms in the castle, this is a fun and attractive Eamon romp with a basic 'fight monsters, grab treasure and escape' goal. It's got neato combat, the odd trick and an equally neat map layout.

The only thing you shouldn't waste time with is trying the 'DIG' command. It works in one room in the whole game, and there to lame effect.

The program did crash on me once, dropping me into BASIC.

A few glitches aside, Dracula's Chateau is a quality destination - albeit a simple one - for an Eamon vacation.

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