Tuuli (English).zblorb - Post-compo version
Improved version six months after the competition
For all systems. To play, you'll need a Z-Machine Interpreter - visit Brass Lantern for download links.
Tuuli (Spanish).zblorb - Post-comp version
Improved version of the game, but in Spanish
For all systems. To play, you'll need a Z-Machine Interpreter - visit Brass Lantern for download links.
Game File (IF Comp version)
Competition version for the IF Comp 2017
For all systems. To play, you'll need a Z-Machine Interpreter with Blorb support - visit Brass Lantern for download links.
Walkthrough and map
by David Welbourn
International edition at
English and Spanish versions of the game available.
For all systems. To play, you'll need a Z-Machine Interpreter with Blorb support - visit Brass Lantern for download links.

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by Daurmith and Ruber Eaglenest profile


Web Site

About the Story

"The old witch, your teacher Mákke, is dead. If you want to save your village you'll have to destroy the raiding fleet that's coming. Can you do it, young Lenne-who-would-be-the-witch?"


Mákke, la vieja bruja del pueblo y tu maestra, ha muerto. Si quieres salvar a tu aldea vas a tener que destruir la flotilla que se acerca por el mar. żPodrás, joven Lenne-que-quiere-ser-bruja?

Cover photo by Benjamin Sloth Lindgreen.

Made during June 2017 for the JAM "Canciones del desierto, la tormenta y el mar". The game is inspired by the song "Tuuli" from the Swedish/Finnish group Hedningarna.

Polished, extended and translated for the 2017 IF Comp.

Game Details

Language: English, Castilian (en, es)
First Publication Date: October 1, 2017
Current Version: 4
License: Freeware
Development System: Inform 7
Forgiveness Rating: Tough
IFID: 72AAA2FA-04C7-48E7-AEE6-5F567DB6F171
TUID: ngcuiadqoqzy1yn0

Off-Site Reviews

The Breakfast Review
"Smoked herring on hapankorppu, a small side of viili yoghurt, and strong coffee. Not too heavy, but the flavour of that herring packs quite a punch."
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The Short Game
"The writing is very stark and atmospheric... It has the same quality of A year walk. It feels very Scandinavian and dark and cold."
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These Heterogenous Tasks

"It’s brief and economical, and this allows it to focus on a very sharp, simple character arc while maintaining a sense of urgency and significance. You can imagine it as the climactic sequence of a substantially longer work – but cutting things down to the final act makes a lot of sense. You’re given just enough time to get an appreciation of the situation and the stakes as the crisis builds."
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The Reinvigorated Programmer

"Tuuli is very atmospheric, and that counts for a great deal. It’s the first IF I’ve played in a long time where the writing is actively good, rather than either functional or trying-too-hard. It’s pretty extraordinary that this was not originally written in English, but is a translation. Not only that: the text tells an actual story, and a compelling one at that. It feels convincingly like it’s from a very different culture, perhaps because of its Finnish roots."
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"I enjoyed the rest of the game, and even though I had some difficulty playing it, I thought the game’s overall structure, writing, and atmosphere were strong."
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A Colossal Adventure

"The story is a good one, and the atmosphere is strong. It sets its scene and its characters well. If I had any complaints about the writing, it’s that this is a heavy story, and maybe not in the way I prefer. Tragedies are all well and good, but I came away from this with more of a vague melancholy than a despair. I prefer my tragedies with a little more bite: this is more on the dreary side."
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"It’s suitably haunting, with an evocatively sketched, fascinating setting that I haven’t seen much of in interactive fiction."
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