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Gent Stickman vs Evil Meat Hand

by AZ / ParserCommander profile

Episode 1 of Gent Stickman

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About the Story

Interactive Fiction Parser Game WITHOUT TEXT, just hand drawing graphics.

Short, minimalist, difficult puzzles, full of help.

Gent Stickman, the drawing in the door of the gentleman toilets must go to save Lady, the drawing in the door of ladies toilet, kidnaped by the Evil Meat Hand.

Good luck, thy, mighty and sticky adventurer!

Are you stuck? Ask here for additional clues.

If you already have played the game and want to know more about how it was done, you can go an read the Gent Stickman Vs Evil Meat Hand Ante Vitam (Post Mortem sucks).

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Off-Site Reviews

Viv Dunstan’s ParserComp 2022 playing notes

Wow. This is different! A parser game with virtually no text on screen and hand drawn graphics instead. Which work remarkably well, for a very bare bones game.

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Drew Cook plays ParserComp games

Gent Stickman vs Evil Meat Hand offers a novel and attractive take on parser-based adventuring. The player inputs text commands—this part is familiar enough—but all output comes in the form of child-like stick drawings. It’s a quirky, charming presentation that is enhanced by the custom, hand-drawn font used for player input. The only visual rendered differently is the so-called “evil meat hand,” which is cropped from a photo of a real-life hand and wrist.

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Mike Russo’s ParserComp 2022 Reviews

This is one for the books – a parser-based text adventure where, other than a few out-of-world commands, the only text is what the player types (those books must be comic books). This works sort of like those old Sierra graphic adventures that still used a parser, where you could see your character and their surroundings, but would direct them by typing – except where those games would similarly drop a text paragraph to tell you the results of your actions, here everything is depicted graphically or iconographically, as your stick-man protagonist ponders the unlikelihood of success when rejecting a proposed course of action, or holds out his hands to reveal the inventory. So this is a gimmick game, but it’s a fun gimmick that rests squarely within the four corners of the ParserComp rules, which makes me like the gimmick even more.

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Heasm66's ParserComp 2022 mini reviews
This is a quite unusual game engine where you type commands and the game answers with pictures. The game isn’t very big but the puzzles can sometimes be a bit farfetched and of the guess-the-word variant. Don’t be afraid to use the built in hints, they are funny, quite ingenious and sometimes essential. The game is funny and made me laugh a couple of times. The implementation of the parser is quite picky and sometimes you need to find the exact word. There is no save option and it is easy to die a quick death but there is often not many steps required to get back to the same place. I, myself, struggled with the movement between locations (not the usual compass directions, instead (...)
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Dorian Passer’s ParserComp 2022 Reviews

Don’t forget to wash your hands on the way out!

This game has an intro song, with a melody that let’s me hear the adventure ahead. I’m called forward — to the stalls!

Sights and sounds, and a silly setting. From the start, the sensory input helps me to suspend my disbelief. I’m starting off on the north mesa in Area 4.

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Wurb Stack
Carl Muckenhoupt (Baf) Review on Stack

On the surface, this is a slim bit of nonsense made of crudely-drawn stick figure art, with minimal implementation and puzzles that you really need the built-in hints to solve, including [***SPOILER***] at one point. It really reminds me of the stuff that students used to slap together in Flash, back in the day.

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Other comments at Itch.io

Really liked the novelty of this, though it was very simple to complete. - Older Timer

Very goog game! Design,music,drawing and puzzles all make a one formidable game. -


Nice game. reviewed https://ifdb.org/viewgame?id=ik3j9fco4951ae63 - jkjyuio

That's the most endearingly stupid thing I've played in a long time. - Tahnan

I didn't have a problem playing. Don't give up! This one is really charming. - Amanda Walker

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Gold Machine
Mentions in the press - Gold Machine - You're my type: ParserComp2022

In ParserComp, we’ve had games written in well-known systems like Inform, Dialog and ADRIFT, long-forgotten languages like AdvSys, and a whole variety of home-grown approaches, some of which are very novel (like Gent Stickman vs Evil Meat Hand in this year’s competition which takes text commands as input and has hand drawn cartoon sketches as output).

Christopher Merriner in Drew Cook's blog
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Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling
Mentions in the press - Emily Short - End of June Link Assortment, Slightly Late

ParserComp games are now available to play and vote on through July 31. There’s a health supply of entries: I’ve not had a chance to try, but the list of entries includes a prequel to the Frenetic Five games from veteran IF author Neil deMause; also some novelties, such as a game called Gent Stickman vs Evil Meat Hand in which it appears you type your input but the game’s output takes the form of hand-drawn images. Some players are reviewing these games over on the intfiction forum.

Emily Short
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Discord Textualiza
bert1978bc - Opinión en español del juego
Ayer logré acabarme -con ayudas- el juego de AZ, Gent Stickman. Me ha encantado el concepto (me parece genial la idea de un juego hecho de dibujos mudos que responden a comandos de texto), el arte, el humor... Eso sí, me parece muy difícil (los problemas y las soluciones son muy locas, pero van totalmente con el estilo de la historia: un humor surrealista, juguetón y algo infantil que mola mucho porque da sensación de que puede pasar cualquier cosa), pero con algunas pistas integradas en la mecánica de juego -antes que de modo extradiegético- sería todavía mejor. Bueno, es mi discutible opinión, claro.
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