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The Wedding

by Neil James Brown

Mystery, Slice of life

About the Story

What should have been a simple task, watching your old flatmate Malcolm get married, becomes an awful lot more complicated when it transpires that Malcolm has disappeared mere hours before the service. You are called in by one of the bride's aunts to sort out the problem. But how can you help? Perhaps the answer to the problem lies somewhere within D'Arcy manor, the bride's family home. The odd characters within may be able to help you. First things first, though - how do you get past the nasty security guard?
[--blurb from The Z-Files Catalogue]

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Off-Site Reviews

Acorn User (issue 173, October 1996)
The Wedding, by Neil Brown, lies in second place overall. A wry satire set in the bride's family house, after the groom has apparently run off hours before the service, The Wedding has elegant puzzles and a strong stock of characters. (The setting is somewhat in the 1990s style typified by Curses and Christminster.) There's the chef whose hat is 'like an elongated white mushroom', Chloe the goth, a golfing uncle and so on. And The Wedding also wins the award for best room description, for this opening sentence: 'Should Luxembourg ever suffer a famine, they need only raid this pantry.'
All in all, The Wedding is a treat from start to finish, and deserves to be played; I hope, like all our winners, it will make it on to the Internet archives.
-- Graham Nelson
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There is much to like about The Wedding, in short, and its shortcomings are more due to the difficulty of its undertaking than to poor writing or programming; there are enough clever puzzles and humorous asides for the game to be involving despite the shortcomings in the plot and setup. Despite its flaws, The Wedding is a solid entry in the IF library.
-- Duncan Stevens
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Geographically speaking, WEDDING looks a very short game containing only 27 locations - 7 in the garden of an old manor house, and 20 inside the manor. However this is very misleading, as the game soon becomes very intricate and involved, full of puzzles to solve, problems to overcome, and a colourful array of characters (9 people, 1 dog) to meet and interact with. WEDDING is not so much a detective story, but more a ripping mystery yarn. There are no bodies or murder involved, and all you have to do to win the game is ensure that your best friend's wedding goes ahead as planned. WEDDING is beautifully written, well-planned and flawlessly programmed.
-- Bev Truter
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