ParserComp 2023

ParserComp is for previously unreleased, parser-based text games: games which take a free-text input, parse it, and produce an output which typically is more text.

This is the 4th ParserComp. Hosted on

This year, works are divided into 'Classic' and 'Freestyle' categories.

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Series: ParserComp

Official Web site:

Organizer(s): fos1 profile and Christopher Merriner profile

Award date: August 3, 2023

Qualification opening date: May 1, 2023

Qualification closing date: June 30, 2023

Games and Awards


For entries that look, feel, and play like conventional parser-based text games.

1st Place - tie: Search for the Lost Ark, by Garry Francis
1st Place - tie: The Purple Pearl, by Amanda Walker
2nd Place: Jesse Stavro's Compass, by Arlan Wetherminster
3rd Place: The Last Mountain, by Dee Cooke
4th Place: Between the Lines of Fire, by paravaariar
5th Place: Hinterlands: Delivered!, by Cody Gaisser
6th Place: Finn's Big Adventure, by Larry Horsfield
7th Place - tie: Xenophobic Opposites, Unite!, by Andrew Schultz
7th Place - tie: Bug Hunt On Menelaus, by Larry Horsfield
8th Place: Murder Most Foul, by David Whyld
9th Place: Xanix - Xixon Resurgence, by Larry Horsfield


For entries that don't fit in the 'Classic' mould, but still have text command parsing as their core mechanic.

1st Place: Cheree: Remembering My Murder, by Robert Goodwin
2nd Place: Steal 10 Treasures to Win This Game, by spaceflounder
3rd Place: Late-Imperial Sky Witches Star In: Meet Cute, by jatazak
4th Place: The Fortuna, by Jason Gauci
5th Place: Dream Fears in a nutshell, by StuckArcader

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