inkJam 2023

The inkJam is an annual community organized jam focused on storytelling and narrative games written in ink.

When does it begin? The jam begins on Friday, October 20th, 9PM CEST.

Who can enter? Everyone is more than welcome, either alone or as part of a team.

Is there a theme? Yes, and it will be announced as soon as the jam begins.

What tools can I use? As long as you are using ink in a way or another, you can use absolutely anything! You can find a (probably incomplete) list of engines and integrations here.

Should I write my game in English? You can write in any language you like. Though, keep in mind that fewer people will probably be able to try a game only available in French or Czech than one available in English.

Where can I find help? You can join the community on inkle's Discord server, where a dedicated channel has been created.

How does the voting work? Once the jam is over (on Monday, October 23rd, 9PM CEST), the public will have a twelve-days period to review the games.⁣

It goes without saying, inkJam is an event where everybody should feel welcome and safe, no matter who they are.
No hateful comments, language or visuals will be tolerated. Both in the games submitted, and the communication platforms used during the event.

Note: the jam also accepts non-IF games, but still narratively driven.

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Series: inkjam

Official Web site:

Award date: October 4, 2023

Qualification opening date: October 20, 2023

Qualification closing date: October 23, 2023

Games and Awards

1st Place: Lid Astray, by Avery Hiebert and Ryan Samman
2nd Place: Confectioner's Atelier, by Grim Baccaris
3rd Place: Impact, by Reid Gillis
4th Place: Larp and Monty's Metamorphies, by cindercritter
4th Place: Story Generation, by bushn
6th Place: The Blink, by Briggs
7th Place: new eyes, by zorkie
9th Place: Diana and Vega, by Nerd Date Night
10th Place: In the Blink of an Eye, by manonamora
11th Pace: We Shall All Be Changed, by Jefferson Toal
13th Place: Sere, by Kira Pelletier & Lauren Nolan
14th Place: Biohazard Response Team: First Day, by Yacht
15th Place: Blink., by Fergus Doyle
16th Place: The Worst Pets, by Wild Opus Games
17th Place: Ocean Daydream, by Alien
19th Place: ruin, by treatyofparis
20th Place: The Trial, by Haunted Forest
21st Place: skinner, by SmallMiracles
22nd Place: Blink, by Adwen
24th Place: Eyes Open, by anonsh
25th Place: The Gooooooood Dog Show, by owof games, Mattia "RedGlow" Belletti, Insalatuera, QueerginiaWolf
25th Place: SpeedRead, by TremblingInferno
27th Place:, by bubez
28th Place: Crisis of Meaning, by jaxenfyrsu

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