InsideADRIFT Summer Comp 2005

The InsideADRIFT Summer Competition was open for any unreleased, but complete, Adrift games. Competition entries were to be in by 21 August 2005 with judging taking place in the following week. The voting deadline was 1500 GMT, Sunday, 28th August, 2005. The organizer is Ken Franklin.

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Series: InsideADRIFT

Organizer(s): Ken Franklin profile

Award date: August 28, 2005

Submission deadline: August 21, 2005

Games and Awards

1st Place: Target, by Richard Otter
2nd Place: Lights, Camera, Action!, by David Whyld
3rd Place: Can It Be All So Simple?, by The Dominant Species
4th Place: Must Escape!, by Robert Street
5th Place: Regrets, by David Whyld

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