French Comp 2016

10th edition of the French Comp !

Send your votes before February 15th; you'll be asked to rate each game in 3 categories : Overall Enjoyment, Writing, and Technical Quality.

Use our Google Form to vote, which you can find on our website below ("vote et notation" section).

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Series: French Comp

Official Web site:

Organizer(s): Otto Grimwald profile, Hugo Labrande profile

Award date: February 16, 2016

Qualification opening date: January 4, 2016

Qualification closing date: February 15, 2016

Games and Awards

Winner: À la basse et au chant, by Eva Simonin
2nd Place: Tipelau, by Hugo Labrande
3rd Place: L'Observatoire, by Stéphane F.
4th Place: Le diamant blanc, by Benjamin Roux

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