13th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (2007)

The annual competition for original IF, judged by the readership of rec.arts.int-fiction.

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Series: Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

Official Web site: www.ifcomp.org

Organizer(s): Stephen Granade profile

Award date: November 15, 2007

Submission deadline: September 29, 2007

Games and Awards

1st Place: Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota
2nd Place: An Act of Murder, by Christopher Huang
3rd Place: Lord Bellwater's Secret, by Sam Gordon
4th Place: Across The Stars: The Ralckor Incident, by Dark Star and Peter Mattsson
5th Place: The Chinese Room, by Harry Josephine Giles and Joey Jones
6th Place: Varkana, by Maryam Gousheh-Forgeot
7th Place: A Fine Day for Reaping, by James Webb (aka revgiblet)
8th Place: Orevore Courier, by Brian Rapp
9th Place: My Name is Jack Mills, by Juhana Leinonen
10th Place: A Matter of Importance, by Valentine Kopteltsev
11th Place: Ferrous Ring, by Justin Morgan ('Carma Ferris')
12th Place: Deadline Enchanter, by Alan DeNiro
13th Place: My Mind's Mishmash, by Robert Street
14th Place: In The Mind Of The Master, by David Whyld
15th Place: Gathered In Darkness, by Dr. Froth
16th Place: Fox, Fowl and Feed, by Chris Conroy
17th Place: Wish, by Edward Floren
18th Place: Packrat, by Bill Powell
19th Place: Slap That Fish, by Peter Nepstad
20th Place: Jealousy Duel X, by Alex Camelio
21st Place: Beneath: a Transformation, by Graham Lowther
22nd Place: The Immortal, by Just Rob
23rd Place: Eduard the Seminarist, by Heiko Theißen
24th Place: Press [Escape] to Save, by Mark Jones
25th Place: Reconciling Mother, by Plone Glenn
26th Place: The Lost Dimension, by C. Yong
27th Place: Ghost of the Fireflies, by Paul Allen Panks

Miss Congeniality Awards

The top games as voted by the authors of the entries.

1st Place: Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota
2nd Place: An Act of Murder, by Christopher Huang
3rd Place: Orevore Courier, by Brian Rapp

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