Spring Thing 2023

Spring Thing, also known as the Autumnal Jumble, focuses on bringing together new text games of all kinds: choice-based stories, gamebooks, hypertext fictions, visual novels, text adventures, narrative roguelikes, and wild new experiments.

Entries can be nominated for an overall Best In Show ribbon, or a custom Audience Award that can be anything the nominator likes: from “Best Story” to “Favorite Twine” to “Cutest Vampires.”

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Series: Spring Thing

Official Web site: https://www.springthing.net/2023/index.html

Organizer(s): Brian Rushton profile

Award date: May 16, 2023

Qualification opening date: March 1, 2023

Qualification closing date: April 2, 2023

Games and Awards

Main Festival

Main Festival games can be nominated for "ribbons," state fair style.

Entrant: Aesthetics Over Plot, by Rohan
Entrant: Beat Me Up Scotty, by Jkj Yuio
Entrant: Elftor and the Quest of the Screaming King, by Damon L. Wakes
Entrant: Etiolated Light, by Lassiter W.
Entrant: The Familiar, by groggydog
Entrant: Galaxy Jones, by Phil Riley
Entrant: I Am Prey, by Joey Tanden
Entrant: Insomnia: Twenty-Six Adventures After Dark, by Leon Lin
Entrant: The Kuolema, by Ben Jackson
Entrant: Lady Thalia and the Masterpiece of Moldavia, by E. Joyce and N. Cormier
Entrant: Marie Waits, by Dee Cooke
Entrant: Nothing Could be Further From the Truth, by Adam Wasserman
Best in Show: Protocol, by 30x30
Entrant: Red Door Yellow Door, by Charm Cochran
Best in Show: Repeat the Ending, by Drew Cook
Entrant: The Roads not Taken, by manonamora
Entrant: The Sacred Shovel of Athenia, by Andy Galilee
Entrant: A Single Ouroboros Scale: My Postmortem, by Naomi Norbez
Entrant: Structural Integrity, by Tabitha O'Connell
Entrant: The Withering Gaze of the Earth, by Emily Worm
Entrant: Your Post-Apocalyptic To-Do List, by Geoffrey Golden

Back Garden

Back Garden games don't participate in voting and prizes, but have looser restrictions on entry.

Entrant: The Mamertine, by K Vella
Entrant: Mirror, by Ondrej Odokienko and Senica Thing
Entrant: Secret of the Black Walrus, by spaceflounder
Entrant: Stygian Dreams, by Giorgos Menelaou
Entrant: Write or Reflect?, by Andrew Schultz

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