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I love interactive fiction. I'm interested in fantasy, sci-fi, pretty much anything! I will use this account to keep track of the stories I've taken a shine to.

I am very easy to please, so don't expect too many ratings unless I'm really blown away by something. I'm here for the experience, and to sort.

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Games that allow the player to investigate with more than just their eyes.

Under the surface... - 2 items   July 26, 2023
I'm not a major horror enjoyer; but I love when stories or games have some surprising horror elements. These games aren't super explicit,...

Laughter is the Best Medicine - 4 items   July 26, 2023
A collection of games that aren't serious at all.

Games with Witty Wordplay - 2 items   July 26, 2023
I love words! I wanted to make a list of interactive games with wordplay. Most of these are English; since it is my only language.

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